Draconis Assassination

Shadowfell Keep Cleared

don’t remember: Our group managed to clear the Shadowfell Keep and stop the evil Kalarel from opening a gate to the Shadowfell. Unfortunately, one of the members of our core group has decided to hang up his adventuring gear so the rest of this campaign may not happen, time will tell.

Goblins Removed

30 August 09: Our group continues exploring the first level of the keep, clearing the goblin guards. They find a natural cavern with several large rats and a slime. Further investigation reveals a secret door leading to zombies and a suit of magical armor.

Winterhaven Heros

9 August 09: Our heros have returned to Winterhaven as heros after killing the Irontooth and the stopping the kobold raiders. The victory celebration is short lived as the group discovers that Valthurn has been attacked and the ritual mirror stolen. A new member is added to the group; Runemaker, an Eladrin wizard. Bryseius remains behind to take up studies with Valthurn. The group sets course for the Keep. Encountering numberous goblin guards and scouting parties they find the leader Bolgor(?) the Fat, although he escapes. The group ends upon finding a secret door in the bed chamber.

Kobolds Thwarted

25 July 09: Countess Umbranox of Anvil has asked the PCs to go to Winterhaven and find her brother. Along the way they are attacked by kobolds. Lord Padraig of Winterhaven commissions the PCs to rid the village of the kobold threat. The PCs find Douven (brother) at an old Dragon burial site and rescue him. They proceed to the kobold lair and slay the kobolds along with their leader Irontooth, an immense goblin.

The Beginning
Daughter Saved!

18 July 09: We finally started our first 4e adventure. Most of the day was spent creating characters. But eventually we got started. Our 4 wanna-be heroes (names to be added later) while on the way home to Anvil; saved the Countess of Anvils daughter from kidnappers. They are set to return to the castle and collect their reward.

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